The fire Within..

It was a couple of years back . The time when i was in college .. One of my friend was going to his home for a week .So i was appointed in a post of a donkey .." The person who carry all the his friends luggage to the railway station , without even a thanks in return " . After all friendship is all about some donkey things of this type .
His train was scheduled to arrive at morning 4 o clock .. We went to the station in a bike. It started raining as we were about to reach the station clothes got drenched in rain , and some how he managed to protect himself from rain . We reached there an hour before the train time , and we managed to pull his heavy bags to the platform.

There was hardly any people in the platform .Since it was raining outside it was too cold . We had a tea , but it was of no use. Then we decided ourselves to have a cigarette.
Now the task is to find out a Pan shop . He suggested that there is a Pan shop outside the station .

" No i am not going ! " I replied .
" Dude see , you are already soaked " he told me as if i don't know.
" So what ? I don't have money . I didn't took the purse " I gave a really lame excuse .But in fact I was true. I had forgotten my purse.

He gave me 10 rupees and showed me a sympathetic face . I took it from him and moved exactly like a donkey. As i came out of the station a boy , of age around 8 , came to me and asked me some money .He looked dark , was wearing a torn pants and was shivering in the cold .But i have no choice to give the money . I have only a 10 rupees with me and have to get one cigarette , one match box and one tea .so just moved ahead .
He followed me and stood in front of me with his hands open cried in front of me.This is not a new scene for anyone who has gone to an Indian railway station. I ignored him and i rushed towards the pan shop. He then followed me and fell on my feet and asked me again .This is too much .To escape from this i gave him that 10 rupees that i had and turned back to the station .
I saw him running towards the nearby shop with the money .I got curious and i stood by to observe him.He bought a packet of biscuit and rushed to the dark corner of station. I followed him and i saw him giving that packet to a small child , may be his sister .He then noticed me watching them . He smiled at me and i could see gratitude in his eyes .. And the Rest was silence...