No Body Understands Me !


I am here

How long will you ignore me?

I am not a rock

I will welcome you anyday

Your fame been reaching my ears forever

Did you ever hear of me?

Didnt you ever find me interesting?

Look at me love!

Why are you doing this to me?

Am I not patient?

Am I not kind?

Do I envy?

Do I boast?

Am I proud?

I will hope.

I will persevere.



I liked the way she wrote it.. And i am a big fan of her ...

Then i remembered of my Noisy door ...

I wrote this ..

Oh dear ...

I am here ,

I am always looking at you,

In the hope you will look back,

I am always with you

just that you cant see me

Am i ugly ?

am i so cruel ?

am i proud ?

I wait for you to call me

I wait for you to hug me.

I wait for you to be mine..

till the days ends..

till my breath stops..

with love ,

your love..

felt so happy that i could write something which atleast in my language can be called as a poem ..

so i wanted her to review it ...

i told her that i have written something similar to what she had written .. Dont take in a negative sense

and i pinged her this ...

The first reply was " Do you Like me . ? "

i told ya i like you ... not in a bad sense ... just because i dont dislike her ....

She thought that i love her and i lost one friend ...


i think the noisy door keeper sucks..

and the rest was silence ...

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