Companion in sin ..

For the first and hopefully last time in my life, I got once arrested by police . Case was drink and drive .. it happened in last December , to be precise December 14th . I wasn't in a condition to offer some money to the constable . If i had then i might not be in there. The constable told me to stay inside one of the rooms ,SO called "Lock Ups " . I sat in a corner and due to the effect of birthday party that we had ,i felt asleep . i didn't care about the mosquitoes or the stinking room ..

After some 3-4 hours later, I heard loud shouting. i saw a boy being thrown into the same lockup , hes getting slapped by two constables .He should be not more than 17 years old. I saw him crying, He was drunk . his shirts were torn and the buttons were ripped off , hes bleeding from his mouth . I overheard from the constables that the boy had murdered his girlfriend..
The police interrogated him in front of me . The girl cheated him. According to him , she slept with his friend. He didn't meant to kill the girl , was heavily drunk and alcohol made him a murderer .After an hour long questioning and torture, they left us locked up .

There was a very little light in inside the lockup .i wasn't able to see the boys face , but i could hear he weeping . I wanted to console him , but what will i tell him !. I tried to catch my sleep back .I couldn't believe that a boy of this age can kill someone. I couldn't sleep because of his weeping sound .So i decided to calm him down , I asked him his name. He didn't replied. Instead he started crying loudly .
I went near to him, Kept my hands on his shoulder . I had no idea what to tell . I asked him

" Were you alone when u did that ? "

I really didn't mean that , That question was has nothing to do with present situation.
He stopped weeping. He looked up to me .blood was coming out of his mouth.I could feel his breath. He gave me a stern look.

" No i was accompanied by 3 "

"Who all ? And where are they?"

" The guy at the bar who gave me drinks even if i am not 18 ,
The police constable who let me drive even if i was drunk when i gave him 100 rupees ,And
The god who took back my parents even before they teach me what is good and what is bad "

Nobody is alone in their Sins .. Always you have a Companion in your Sins ... And the rest was silence

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