Mea culpa , Mea culpa , Mea maxima culpa...

Childhood is the best part of our life. Friends, schools , games...we cannot forget those moments. I had my schooling in a church school , one among the best in my town.The teachers were too strict in my school and my classmates were too good in studies . Coming first in class was a dream that time and remained a dream for me .. I was a below average student .I always tried to become teachers pet but my marks never let me do that.

My classmates had a different view about friends. They where too choosy. They used to make friends among the best in class . So was i that time ,but i never had a bright student as friend as i was not bright.. One day a new student came to my class , his name is Jay. He failed last year and came to my class. He entered the class and sat near me. I dont want he to sit near me or become my friend as he was not good in studies. So i ignored him .
History was the first period that day . The teacher was too strict , she needs everyone to follow exactly as she said . I had a bad impression about me as i was the lowest in history . I desperatly wanted to improve my image in front of her.

She started the class and asked " Who all forgot to bring History textbooks ? "

I never used to take my history textbook out of my bag , So i had the textbook . Then i noticed that Jay is not having a textbook . He told me not to tell mam , as we are in the backbench she wont be able to find the truth . But i wanted to make my image good. so i got up and told mam that Jay is not having a textbook . Mam came rushing at him and scolded him for not telling truth when she asked.She told him to go out of class.
I really didnt want that . I saw him in the corridor weeping . And rest was silence....

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  1. Bibin, it is a good recollection , if you can learn from it. :)
    Bad is not Bad actually, it is how we perceive it, due to fears and mental block patterns in our psyche.
    Past is to learn from, smile and go ahead, with a promise not to repeat those things which prick you again