Open Windows

This happened during last vacation on my journey back to my hometown. As it was Christmas season , flight tickets were too costly . So had to look for train tickets.Some how , i managed to get a sleeper class ticket and i boarded the train from Hyderabad at around 2 pm in the evening .
My seat was in S3 and my cabin was empty as i got in .After sometime a newly wed couple joined me. According to me , newly wedded couples are the worst travel companions one can ever get . They will not even smile at others as they are more busy with themselves :)
As train was about to leave the station , one old man and an young handsome guy came into our cabin , a father and his son. They took the seat beside me.
The father was too old and weak .He was a very nice man. He introduced his son Ram to us.We felt something wrong in Ram as he starred at people, especially the couples. The husband was very much disturbed with the newly arrived .

Time and train passed by . Every one felt annoyed with Ram as he shouted whenever he saw something outside. I thought he had some mental disorder.After sometime we were accompanied by an unexpected rain . Ram started to shout "rain rain " . All other cabins had there windows closed , but Ram was not at all planning to close the windows. He was playing in the Rain water . Couple got angry and asked Ram to close the window, but Ram didnt even care to listen them .
Husband got up from his seat and said Ram's father " If your son has some mental problem , Put him in some hospital ."
Ram's father replied " Yes he was in hospital . He had a surgery yesterday. He was blind from birth .And now he is seeing this arrogant world for the first time "
and he got up and closed the windows .

The Rest was silence - Hugely inspired from a magazine article

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  1. 'The Rest was silence'

    That silence made me restless.

    Honest writing. Congrats, Bibin..